Women face many challenges when it comes to running a business. We’ve rounded up some of the most common obstacles they face and the individuals who have overcome them. Despite the increasing number of women-owned businesses, their obstacles are still very different from those of male entrepreneurs.

The Setbacks of Society’s Expectations

Women are typically viewed as the ones who are expected to stay at home and care for their families. It’s also very different for them to start a business than for their male counterparts. Even after establishing their company, they often take longer to gain the public’s trust and recognition.

Having Less Capital

It’s also believed that money is significant to a business as it allows it to function correctly and efficiently. Unfortunately, despite the various achievements of women in the field of entrepreneurship, people still find it hard to believe that they can succeed in their businesses. It isn’t very reassuring to see that banks still don’t consider women as creditworthy. Because of this, many female entrepreneurs have to rely on their savings or take out loans from their families.

Lack of Networks

A survey conducted by a company revealed that women are not a part of a network that can help them grow their businesses. This means they cannot build a solid and diverse set of connections to help them succeed in their business.

Finding Balance 

It’s also widely believed that women worldwide are expected to care for their families and run successful businesses. Unfortunately, in our society, it’s still very important for women to give more importance to their families.

The Fear of Failure

Many women also struggle with confidence. They need help understanding their skills and how they can contribute to organizations and businesses. This is because they often underestimate their capabilities. Having the support and resources to gain that confidence is very important for women.

Being Taken Seriously

Being taken seriously is one of the most prominent challenges women, in and outside of business, face when it comes to starting a business. Usually, women are considered stupid or foolish in a male-dominated society. This makes it hard for them to get the attention of potential customers and investors.

Entrepreneurs often have to do so much to be taken seriously, as most of the time, they have been given for granted. Instead of focusing on their idea, they have to convince others that they can do it.

The initial stage of a business is when women start getting negative remarks from everyone around them. This is the reason why the best female entrepreneurs are those who can face these types of remarks and prove them wrong.